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two dogs having fun at the dog day care in Wilmington, NC

The BEST Dog Daycare in Wilmington

Your pup will LOVE our 11,000 sq ft of doggy heaven! It's filled with tons of fun things to do like playing with friends, going for a swim, playing fetch, getting loved on by our hands-on staff, and learning new tricks... just to name a few!

Pricing is all-inclusive, meaning your dog will get to enjoy all we have to offer, all the time!

Full days

Full day is six hours or more, any time from 6:30 am to 7:00 pm on weekdays, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on Saturdays and 9:00am to 5:00pm on Sundays.

First day - FREE

Single day - $34


Five day package - $155 ($31.00 per day)


Ten day package - $270 ($27.00 per day)


Twenty day package - $500 ($25.00 per day)


1 Month unlimited - $445 ($14.83 per day)

Half days

Half day is considered six hours or less.

First day - FREE

Single half day - $22


Five half day - $95 ($19.00 per 1/2 day)


Ten half day - $170 ($17.00 per 1/2 day)


Twenty half day - $310 ($15.50 per 1/2 day)


Month half day unlimited - $285 ($9.50 per 1/2 day)

All-inclusive Daycare Pricing


For the safety of all, each pup must pass a personality test, and must have all vaccinations up-to-date prior to their first day at The Dog Play Spot. To setup your personality test, get registered, and ensure you have the correct vaccinations, please call us at 910-399-1463.


We require current Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella vaccinations for all dogs.

100% Cage-free and Supervised Dog Boarding

A doggy sleepover of epic porportions! 

The Dog Play Spot is staffed 24 hours a day, so your dog NEVER has to go in a cage! Rather than boarding, what we do is much more like a puppy-filled sleepover where your dog can hang out with their buddies and cuddle with our staff all night long!

Why pay for "extras" when they're really necessities?

Additional dogs in the same family will receive a 10% discount off standard boarding prices.

1 Day of Daycare & 1 Night Overnight Stay - $49.99

Playtime - no charge

Feeding - no charge

Fun - no charge

Nap time - no charge

Splash pool fun - no charge

Fetch - no charge

Belly rubs - no charge

Lotsa Luvin' - no charge



All-inclusive Boarding Pricing

a dog sleeping at dog boarding in Wilmington, NC

Professional Grooming

We LOVE to pamper our puppies from head to paw!

Salon Packages

Pricing varies based on size, breed, temperament and coat condition. Small Dog: 1-20 lbs. Medium Dog: 21-40 lbs. Large Dog: 41-70lbs. X-Large Dog: 71+ lbs.

Basic Bath - $18 - $40

Shampoo, Conditioner, and Light Blow Dry Bath and Brush - $24 - $54

Includes Basic Bath + Nail Trim and Brush Out

Check Me Out (CMO)  - $35 - $65

Shampoo and conditioner, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal glands expressed (external), sanitary trim, blow dry. Add face or pad trim for $10.

Full Service Groom $50 - $80

Includes "CMO" package plus a full haircut.

Walk-In Services

Mix & Match Any Items #1-9

2 for $19, 3 for $25, 4 for $33, 5 for $43!

1. Nail Trim - $9

2. Nail Dremel - $13

3. Face Trim/Shaping - $14

4. Teeth Cleaning - $11

5. Anal Gland Expression - $13

6. Sanitary Trim - $15

7. Paw Pad Trim - $15

8. Pad and Foot Trim - $20

9. Ear Plucking - $12


1. Nail Painting - $15

2. Blueberry Facial - $5

3. Face Trim - $10

4. Pad Trim - $10

5. Flea Bath/Capstar - $10/$10

6. Hair Coloring - $10+

7. Anal Gland Expression - $8

8. Dremel - $5

9. De-Matting - $1/minute

10. De-Shedding Treatment - $20-$30

Puppy Grooming Pricing

The Dog Play Spot offers some of the very best dog grooming services available in Wilmington, NC! We are conveinent, professional, experienced, gentle and caring!

A dog getting ready for a haircut at The Dog Play Spot



a dog after her haircut in grooming at The Dog Play Spot
a dog in the bath in Wilmington, NC

Effective Dog Training

The Dog Play Spot offers some of the best dog training in Wilmington, NC. 

We believe in the praise and encouragement style of teaching, and our professional dog trainers (more like dog whisperers!) will have your pup behaving better in no time. 

We offer group training, individual training, puppy training and training in conjunction with our dog daycare and dog boarding. We can't wait to make your pup our next graduate!

a dog in training at The Dog Play Spot, Wilmington NC

To learn more about enrolling in training, boarding, daycare or grooming, please call us at 910-399-1463 

We cannot wait for you and your pup to join our pack! 

All pups receive a FREE first day of daycare and a FREE temperament test!